Sunday, December 24, 2006

alone and done

Theology is fit

All of us have a theology, all of us are theologians at one level. We all have a view on who, what and whether God is. Dawkins, despite what he might tell you, could be described as one of 2006 most prominant theologians. The problem is his theology is rubbish. The study of theology should be about filling our hearts and minds with a bigger, more glorious view of the risen Christ. It shiuld be about opening our eyes to the glories that He has made manifest. I know the word or idea 'theology' conjures up images of dusty books and boring days in some people's mind, but thats very sad. Theology tells us abiut God. Theology tells us about how He wants to be worshipped. It's great to read books about things like church-planting, biographies, i'm doing both right now (currently i want to go and plant a church a whole heap. But i also know that when i finish this and pick up 'Let the nations be glad' Bish will have to employ a team of heavies to stop me leaving Guildford and getting the next flight to the 20/40 window), but if you're not learning about Jesus, how are you actually growing as a Christian? The study of theology can open up the Bible to us, and invigorate our quiet times. I've loved the oppotunity to spend four hours with Wayne Grudem each week this term on Relay as part of my core study module studying systematic theology. I'm even more excited that next term i'll be doing Biblical theology as well for my elective module. I do love the books. I want to learn good theology so i can know about my Savior, so i can enjoy Him more, so i can live and speak for Him more effectively. Theology: get involved.

All of life is hermeneutics

Hermeneutics, as i understand it is the science of applying what the Bible says. If thats not that case then everything i'm about to write is semantical nonsense, but thats never stopped me before. The more we read the Bible, the more our minds are saturated and changed by what it says. There are so many voices today that clamour for our attention. We need to shut them out and listen to the Bible. Then we need to apply what the Bible says to our horizontal and vertical our lives. It sounds simple at least. If we read the Bible with a man centred hermeneutic, we'll always be putting ourselves in the place of Moses or Soloman or Paul or even Jesus, and the whole thing will be whack. If we read the Bible with a God glory centred hermeneutic, then hopefully we will live that way. We will joyfully take up our cross and follow Him, we will willingly leave what we have behind. Read the Bible more, think about it more, apply it more. (i am talking to myself here!)

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Anonymous said...

Get that BIG GOD theology brother. And enjoy it!

notsobigtum said...

Make sure you're around at Fam on 7th Jan!! For some big up Glory on Psalm 1!!

I'm preaching and I want your feedback!!

Daniel said...

Nice work, Ed.
Hope you've had a good Christmas.
See you very soon!

Christ between us,