Sunday, December 17, 2006

Carol Service

I think i've become a bit of a carol junkie this year. I've been to five (Surrey CU, Reading CU, Fam, Chicester College CU and Bourne End Community Church) this 'season'. Here are some things i like about them.

It's great to sing carols when you know them and really believe what they're saying. Singing 'born that man no more may die' at the top of your voice really brings it home. The number of times i must've sung carols before i got saved and not had a clue to awesome truth i was hearing is really weird to think about. Mostly this year i've sung carols which really communicate the Gospel, and thats often something that really doesn't get sung enough...the actual Gospel, so its nice to do so!

They're great for getting people to come to church. Most people, whatever their views on Christianity like to sing carols, and don't mind coming. And the fact that at all the carol services i've been to people have heard the Gospel at is cool. Dan Hames eorked out that something like 30,000 students will hear/have heard the gospel over the end of term at Carol services, and thats really exciting and encouraging!

So Carol Services, when the Gospel get's preached and people invite their friends and the Gospel is sung are really cool. I like them...

Tomorrow me and Delano hit the road again headed ofr Team Days in Southampton. The last of the year. I'm really looking forward to them. See you next week.

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