Sunday, July 02, 2006

Words eh?

Given it was through speech that Jesus chose to reveal Himself to us, i guess its no surprise that words are pretty powerful.

I love you Jesus.

Try saying it to Him. Maybe in a whisper, but do it audible so you can hear as well as Him. And then tell Him all the reasons why. Man, nothing has had me weeping quite so deeply, and yet then giggling quite so immaturly within a few moments of eachother. Weeping because of how good Jesus is, because of His power and might, and all He is. And giggling because of how much i enjoy His company in my warm dusk-filled garden, quiet but for the evening birdsong, and because, as Rebecca Manly Pippert puts it, after the resurrection Jesus didn't hire out the local concert hall and organise a performance of the Halleuja chorus...He made His disciples a little breakfast.

What a guy.


spammy said...

Thats really cool. Also satan hear's what we say to. It must be a big kick in the teeth when we start praising jesus with our lips. always good!
Spam xx

FloydTheBarber said...

i hadn't thought of that.
Thank you.

Anna said...

haha so strange that you blogged on that! I was listening to Van Morrisson's "Have I told You lately that I love You", which is all about him telling Jesus how much he loves Him.

Glad you enjoyed Fam, I miss it desperately.

-bb- said...

yeah, what a guy...i love that when were praising jesus we know that the whole of heaven is too...