Sunday, July 30, 2006

The flood and the drops

So, it occurs to me that when we pray God anwers us in two ways. Two great and gracious ways, but two different ways nonetheless.

The Flood.
You pray with all your heart and God answers you straight off. And it's gracious because we totally never deserve answers to prayer. And it's great because, well, answer to prayer is great. God has mercy on us in our desperation.

The Drops.
You seek, and you entreat, and you wail. And all God tells you is 'I am who I am'. I am God, you are not. Wait. Even when my prayers are broken down into the base level of 'c'mon man, whats up' as if i'm sparring with Dave, God is answering in His grace and mercy. And giving the right answer. 'I am God'. And thats great because God is who He is all the time, He never changes, He is all sufficient, and in that instant, in this season, thats all i need. And its gracious because God doesn't have to put up with my prayers at all, but through the cross, because of Him and not me, because two parts of the Godhead are interceeding for me He does. And He answers. And thats great, because God is truly great, in every sense of the word. And thats all we need.

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Cat said...

Prayer is awsome - its like air - lets treasure it like air!! Otherwise we will die under water.