Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tie me up! Untie me!

Everyone should go to the Western Isles. Its that simple. It's probably a good thing i was only there for a few days, because any longer and i pretty much could see myself staying forever. In fact, if it wasn't for the Great Commision (which i am excited about, don't get me wrong at all!) i'd be perfectly happy living my life up there. I can't really describe it to you, because it defies description...amazing, deserted beaches, breathaking hills, utter desolate beauty at every corner, english not being the first language of a large number of people there, the primary school with only five children in it. It's just an amazing place.

I was telling a friend before i left that given my recent mood i'd probably spend my time there wishing i was somewhere else, as thats all i seem to do recently. But being somewhere else, being as in the middle of nowhere as you can be in this country was just plain brilliant. I feel revived, i feel happy to be home and happy to have gone. I feel like Lacey Green is my home again which is nice. In the sense that any of us have a 'home' outside of Heaven. I spent some of my quiet time embarking on Psalm 119, an epic on the importance of God's Word. So many gems...i've only read the first three stanzas so far but how clever is the Inspirer that He can come up with something where all the first words in each line of each stanza start with the same letter? Infinite creativity is pretty cool.

It was good to be a Christian up there. To be open in talking to people about my faith (i wish that was as impressive as it sounds, i was mostly rubbish), it was cool to hang out with my little sister and to look after her, it appears that we agree on: Rihanna (look, just don't have an affair yeh), Jo Whiley (just a bit...muh) and Zane Lowe (top class) but not Chris Moyles (she think's he arrogant, whereas i regard him as a radio genius) or Ian McClenan (are his books not just a bit dull?). I'm really glad i went. It was nice in some ways to be away from the Blogdom, but also great to read what's been going on while i've been away.

I was struck in my QT this morning by John 17:26. The love with which the Father loves the Son may be in us? Think about that...isn't that amazing. The best, purest, holiest, deepest, everything-good-est love there ever is or ever will be is somehow connected to us. Is 'in' us? Isn't that amazing...what a God we worship. His ways higher, His plans unsearchable, His judgements inscrutable.


-bb- said...

haha, could the great commission not take u there...surely the ppl there (however limited in number they might be!!!) need the gospel too... ;)

FloydTheBarber said...

yeh i'd thought of that, that'd be cool!

Welshie said...

glad you had fun mate. good to have you back in the blogosphere!