Monday, April 10, 2006


  • Is there a Biblical precedent for Revival, or is that a bit of an irrelevant question given the time scales? (stolen from Hoops)
  • If you don't believe that Jesus is the only way to God, but believe He is your way to God, are you saved?
  • How can theology be 'too reformed'?
  • Is there a picture of the Trinity in marriage?
  • What were the Israelites thinking when they made the golden calf?
  • If Moses is an effective mediator (Exodus 32), how much more should we rejoice in Jesus given Hebrews 3?
For what it's worth my answers would probably be: i don't know, probably not, i don't think it can be, i think so, there but for the grace of God, lots and lots and lots...eternally. Woo!


Lou said...

i take it when you say stolen from hoops you don't mean stolen from his secret blog that i am yet to hear about do you?


FloydTheBarber said...

No...we were just passing time on the drive back from skegness.
We all know thet Hoops dislikes blogs unless they 'equip students and have a broad circulation' like, um...Bish's blog. Funny that!


thebluefish said...