Monday, April 24, 2006

Christopher's river

Sometimes, quite often today in fact, i've been bored with my revision and thought to myself...'man, why can't i just work for the CU full time'...and then i remember. Relay: the best graduate job in the world.

Also today i learnt, in a small way, how concened the Lord is with His name. A while ago, during Mission Week i had a chat with a Muslim guy called Issa, about Christ and His religion and my faith. I felt fairly unprepared in the face of his beliefs and Danutia, being Danutia, bought me a small booklet entitled 'A Muslim's guide to Christ.' Thats been sitting on my shelf pretty much ever since, but today, just by chance* i put it into my bag on the way into campus. Outise the library were guys handing out flyers to an exhibition and talk on campus about 'The man who changed the world'...ooh, i thought, that'd be Jesus. It was Mohammed. So the next time i walked past him i said something like 'i've got one of your things...would you like on of one my things?' and handed it over. I know its only a small thing, but it was a good lesson in obediance, and as i said, about the Lord's passion for His name. What are the chances of my putting it into my bag randomly today eh? Our God, our awesome, wonderful, immutable God. King of the universe, and yet well acquainted with my daily movements. Pretty mind blowing really.

yeh, i know it wasn't 'by chance'

In other news: if anyone fancies looking at the code of my blog and working out why my links are so unevenly spaced, let me know. I can't work it out, and more signifcantly, neither can Bish...

PS: need a laugh?

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