Sunday, April 02, 2006

Let there be light

Something struck me, or rather, continued to strike me yesterday at football. We were losing, not playing badly but not playing well enough to suggest we'd get back into the game. So i stopped watching for a little while, and looked around me. Now, Adams Park is small enough that if you sit in the upper tier of the bigger stand, as i was, you can see out across the farmland that surrounds the ground. It was a beautiful day, sun, birds, trees etc, it was amazing. And it struck me, continued to strike me. God made this. Once, it wasn't here, now it is. God made it. It was a beautiful moment, and got me thinking about how powerful, how straight up powerful God's will and word is.

Look at Genesis 1:2-3. The earth was formless and empty. Dark. Nothingness was everywhere. Then God spoke. 'Let there be light', and there was light. He spoke, and it was. He willed, and so it happened. Something from nothing. Nothing + God's word = something. Time again this happens in Genesis. No animals, then God's word, then animals. And sea. And day and night, and man. Something from nothing. God spoke, and nothing, became something. God willed, and it just was.

Similaly i believe, Luke 1:34-37. Jesus Christ was born to a virgin. There was nothing inside her womb. And then 'the Holy Spirit came upon her', and there was. God willed, and something appeared from nothing. A baby was there. Again, nothing+ God's will and word = something. IN the first instance, creation, the second instance, the incarnate Christ. God is so poweful!

Thirdly, look at us, look at you. 2 Corinthians 4:4-6 shows us the mechanics of how we came to believe. God shone the light of His glory in the face of Jesus Christ into our hearts. Light. What was in our hearts before? I can't speak for you, but in my case it was only darkness. 17 years of rebellion, and darkness. There was nothing there, not even a spark to work from. God spoke, and willed, and suddenly: light, new life, rebirth, i was a Christian! The same voice that spoke creation into being, the same Holy Spirit that worked in Mary. Thats amazing, and thats how poweful our God is!

How encouraging is this for evangelism? Where there is nothing God can create something. No one is beyond hope, no one is beyond saving. It just needs God's word, and will, and something will be created from nothing. There was nothing before creation. And then there was. There was nothing in Mary's womb, and then there was. There was nothing in my heart. And then there was.

God is more poweful than we can ever conceive. What an amazing thing it is to worship Him! What other response can there be?

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