Sunday, March 30, 2008


1. And, brethren, there will be no uncertain sound from us as to the doctrine of atonement. We cannot leave the blood out of our ministry, or the life of it will be gone; for we may say of our ministry, "The blood is the life thereof." The proper substitution of Christ, the vicarious sacrifice of Christ, on the behalf of his people, that they might live through him. This we must publish till we die. (Spurgeon)

2. Dads birthday at an Italian in Marlow. Great to have the family all together.

3. Kids Church this morning. Telling 9-11 year olds about the Gospel and seeing them get excited makes me excited!

4. The Reason for God. Review coming soon.

5. The Sermon on the Mount. Four verses in and i'm already blown away by it. The Lord is in the detail.

6. This text: 'Just finished dwyl - read most of it since tuesday - couldn't put it down, such a good book!! So glad i read it. Everyone should read this book'

7. Facebook Bible talk. 'for the newsfeed'. Seriously though, just spending ages and ages labouring over a few verses is such a treat. Still not overly sure i'm really through it! Then speaking about Sodom and Gomorrah with Rachel. Conflicting over the details...she was right!


thebluefish said...

So, a SOTM question. How much does the Wisdom / Folly bit at the end of chapter 7 control the whole thing? And if Jesus is Wisdom what difference does that make... How do we keep the SOTM as Jesus-focussed as the preceeding chapters?

FloydTheBarber said...

re: chapter 7, it'll be a while till i get there doing it a couple of verses at a time! Interesting question though.

I'm wondering if the beautitudes are actually about Jesus... in the sense that He is humble, He is mournful for sin and He hungers and thirsts for righteousness. Just a kernel, i'm not really sure about it. But if the OT law points us to our need for Jesus why not the NT 'law'?

thebluefish said...

I think that's kinda where I'm thinking. If ch1-4 are about Jesus, so presumably are 5-7. Could they be a portrait of Wisdom Incarnate, of God's Global King... with a stark contrast between him and the foolish false piety and life seen around.