Sunday, March 16, 2008


1) Matthew with John Macarthur. I've never read the Bible slowly and with a commentary before. There are many many treasures in the first chapter of Matthew that i'd never really considered before.

2) Speaking of which, i was struck by the grace of Christ in Matthew 1. Look at the people included in his ancestry. Adulterers, liers, prostitutes and even a moabite! If such sinners precede Him, there's no reason to suspect sinners won't be (spiritually) descended from Him

3) Andrew Wilson at Acts14. Spending two hours in Isaiah 6:1-4 was certainly mind expanding fun.

4) Knowing that God is Holy and sovereign in all my decision making

5) Three generatiosn of Goode men on going to football on satruday afternoon. Driving through Monmouth in the heaving rain on tiny roads was quite something. Sure we lost the game, but family time is great

6) Wedding planning. I really am getting married!

7) Count your surprises. I hope i'm as spritely as Packer when i'm that age.

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