Monday, September 10, 2007

Ten eleven

The tenth of september is always a day of reflection for me. It'd today, six years ago that i started going out the girl who bought me to Christ, is i guess i see today as the aniiversary of when i started to become a Christian. Obviously, this isn't that true, since my salvation was decided upon infinite ages ago, and completed at Calvary, but today still makes me think.

And it makes me thankful. Thankful for the last six years of grace and growth, hopeful for the next six years of grace and growth. Backward looking gratitude feeding forward looking, grace filled hope. It makes me excited. It makes me sad because i'm not even a third of the man i probably hoped i would be back then. But thats ok. It makes me remember the people who had such a big hand in my salvation.

And it was bought home today this afternoon by the visit of some Mormons. They came over last week doorknocking (which made me wonder why it's never evangelicals who go door-to-door, i think i've done a good job when i run up someones drive and shove a leaflet through their door, beating a hasty retreat. They were in once sense at least, hardcore), and we arranged to meet up today. We batted around some scripture, then they introduced me to the book of Mormon and told me about Joseph Smith. It all sounded pretty believable, which comforted me because the wisdom of man is foolishness to God. Hooray for my foolishness. It's a battle.

I hope that in years to come, one, two, or all of them might come to remember today as the day they started to know Christ for who He is, and start on the way to saving knowledge of Him. I invited them to Alpha, which is probably as good as i though it was going to get, except in my slightly more removed moments when i had visions of dipping them in the Kennet and Avon about now. I'm thankful that God bought them into my life, i enjoyed their company, and i pray they'd be saved.

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