Wednesday, September 26, 2007

hello Christian freshers (learning from my mistakes)

In a weeks time it'll be Freshers' week in Reading, here's some advice for Christians going to university for the first time. Some of it is things i've done, some of i've learnt from not doing. It's not an exhaustive list, but it's some things to think about at least:

Get involved in a local church
The church is the hope of the world, the church is where you’ll meet God’s people, learn from His Word and reach out to those in the community around you. It’s easy to hide in a student bubble for three years…but this is where you’ll be spending the majority of your next three years, go get stuck in! Join a cell group, serve on a Sunday morning, be generous in your giving.

Find your Christian Union
CUs are student lead mission teams there to reach out the students on campus. They are supported by staff to support and envision you about doing on campus mission. They are a great place to get equipped and strengthened to live and speak for Jesus on Campus

Don’t hide in a Christian ghetto
As important and true as the above are, you won’t meet many non Christians at church or CU. So make sure you make the time to spend with them. Get to know the guys on your corridor, you’ll be living with them for a year and they’re the most likely people you’ll be living with in your second and third year as well. Get involved in a club or society. Be a Christian in all areas of your life.

Work hard
God is glorified by excellence amongst His people. So do your degree to the glory of God. It’s sometimes easy as a student (perhaps especially at Reading!) to end up seeing your degree as just something you do in your spare time. But don’t less this happen. Your degree is primarily why you’re here, so do it well and do it for God. Get to know people on the same course as you.

Eat well, sleep well
This will help you to study and live more effectively. Your body belongs to God, treat it well. The next few weeks could be the busiest and most emotionally exhausting of your life, so rest well, eat well and live with a clear head.

Think about 2011
It’s easy as a student to think in one year blocks…the world doesn’t work this, so think about what you’ll do when you finish. Makes God’ will and being settled in a good church paramount in your thoughts, don’t spend your life chasing a bigger paycheck, spend it pursuing the glory of Christ.


Michael said...

Well said Mr. Goode.

I wonder how many of these I, or you, managed way back in 2003 (goes all misty- eyed). I give myself 2/6, which could be worse I suppose....

I wouldn't dare start rating you though, Mr. ex- Chairman sir...

Which I know is sooo not the point. Sorry.

FloydTheBarber said...

i reckon 2/6 is about right for me too, it's easy to be wise after the event eh? most of that i've learnt from my mistakes rather than because i actually did it!

hatchris said...

Just so I get to do myself down, I'll score 1/6 - at least initially I think the only one I did very well at was 'not hiding in a Christian ghetto!' 2002 was a long time ago, I'm an old man now :-)

By the end of the course I was up to 5/6 but forgotten how to do what I was good at initially. Oops!
Not ghetto-ization should probably be pushed hard by CU's.