Monday, May 07, 2007

Theology for all

I've been in my car a lot today, which has given me the chance to listen to Carl Truman's talks from last year's 'Theology for all' conference:

I've found them really helpful and thought provoking. The second talk in particular made me think more about how to pastorally apply theology. Carl's point was that the biggest theological problem for someone on a sunday morning is probably not something like the new perspective on Paul, or open theism, and there you can pretty much substitute any debate you like, especially perhaps the attack on penal substitution or our post modern society, but is more likely to be whether they love shopping more than Christ. Or that they work so hard during the week they don't get the chance to open the Bible from one sunday to the next. So churches need to talk to those problems, to the problems in the congregation. They need to talk to their congregation rather than over their heads.

Now that's not for one moment to dimish the importance of tackling things like the controversy over penal substitution and the like. They are problems which are serious and deadly and need to be fought by men in the church, and i hope i am among them, but they must be fought in a way that applies to people who have lives that are empty apart from shopping. And praise God that's what the Gospel can do.

Also a year ago today, i knew i was really really a calvinist. Hey, you can't blame me, i didn't have a choice!

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