Sunday, May 20, 2007

living is a problem

Q3. In your opinion, why do many Christians view the Gospel as only for unbelievers?
I would guess because we are all slow of heart to see the Gospel clearly. Luther said we have to remind ourselves of it all the time and beat it into our heads continually. I am so deeply self-righteous and self-reliant that it takes effort to remind myself of the grace of God. Take that tendency in all of us and mix it with lack of reading the Bible where we see the Gospel everywhere, and you have all that you need to have a "front door to salvation" view of the Gospel. I also think God is doing this work of making us Gospel centered in a new way in our day

Dave Cruver interviews Mark Lauterbach, who's book, 'The Transforming Community' i'm very much enjoying and being challenged by at the moment. How much do i view my work, my leisure, my study, even my blogging through the Redeemer? It would seem not enough so it's great to read books by men as gentle and yet Gospel focussed as Mark is. You can read is also excellent blog here: Gospel Driven Life

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