Thursday, February 05, 2009

Carl Trueman on technology

Carl 'flippin ace' Trueman writes about online communities:

Further, as the language of friendship is hijacked and cheapened by these internet social networks, this cheapening itself is part and parcel of a redefining of intimacy based upon the erosion of the boundaries between the public and private. Self-obsessed exhibitionist celebrities have for many years had the option of the Oprah-style chat show, where they can parade their dirty laundry for all to see; lowlifes have had Jerry Springer and Big Brother and a myriad of `reality TV' shows; but now, with blogs and social network pages, anyone with a computer can continuously flaunt their private lives and conversations, from the boring and trivial to the weird and perverted, for a potentially countless (and faceless) multitude to see.
Now, notions of privacy have always been fluid; but we stand at a point in history where the private could be potentially abolished in its entirety.

I think he's writing in very broad brushstrokes, but he's got a point. What really bugs me is people who complain about Facebook using a Facebook group! You don't have to sign up, if you don't like it, leave! I've also never received an ounce of spam resulting from Facebook, or been worried that my personal details have been sold to some evil multinational.

I do sound like an addict now don't i?

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