Monday, April 14, 2008


1) The drive though the mountains to get to Hafan Y Mor for new Word Alive. It was a long drive, and the Bala - Porthmadog leg was long, but ever so worth it.

2) My fellowship group. Nothing turns me on more than wrestling with an open Bible so it can be applied to our lives.

3) John Piper. That fella does not mess around.

4) 'he's still a Relay, he's just no on active service any more'

5) Matts home. We can have conversations that compare Biblical books to girls again. 'Galatians is like a girl you really like and want to get to know, but the more time you spend with her the less you get her'

6) Being back at church on sunday. Challies and Adrian Warnock have both written about it recently, and there's something very special about being with your local church.

7) Having a job i want to do on my day off. Sat in an empty office trying to break 1 John 1:1-4 for wednesday night at RUCU.

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