Wednesday, December 12, 2007

sixty six books

As i think about preaching in church in january, i'm drawn ever closer to Exodus 12, and the passover account. So rich in narrative and application for us today. It occured to me, while thinking about it, that the passover, and subsequent flight from Egypt was the most significant event in Israel's history, and the cross is the most significant event in ours. nifty non?

I've also had a great time in Obadiah today, preparing a Bible study for tomorrow. Reflections to's going to be good.

And, twenty copies of Grudem's Systematic Theology arrived courtesy of, it's been a good day!


thebluefish said...

Was still hoping you'd go for the day of atonement, but Passover is pretty cool. Really looking forward to reading/hearing what you come up with. Preach it as Chrsitian scripture brother.

Lou said...

hey ed. thanks so much for inviting us over whilst we were in Reading last weekend. It was really nice to chill out with you and Matt for the afternoon!

we've been looking at exodus on sunday morning at avenue in leicester this term. Graham beynon did ex 12. mp3s here if you want them