Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The future of justification

I have, i think, shown remarkable restraint in not buying Piper's new book 'the future of justification' sooner. It'll be much cheaper in america, so i will endevour to pick it up from there when i'm over in a couple of weeks. I'm very excited about it right now. I'm really enjoying 'the mission of God', and 'five festal garments' which i'm reading at the moment, and i've got three or four books lined up to read, but they all may have to take a back seat when i get my hands on this.

You can read of review of it here. Piper is responding to NT Wright's view on justification, this is my favourite quote:

What I appreciate most about Piper’s book most how biblically based it is. When Wright declares “What I’m saying is in the Bible,” Piper both graciously and devastatingly meets him in theological disputation on Wright’s own terms – biblical exegesis. While Piper does briefly appeal to theological work accomplished by others, including the founding Anglican theologians who wrote the Thirty-Nine Articles, Luther’s colleague Philipp Melanchthon, the framers of the Helvetic confessions, the Westminster divines, and Westminster’s Richard Gaffin (not to mention CREC pastor Douglas Wilson and Piper’s own theological assistants at Desiring God), Piper establishes his arguments primarily on extensive scriptural exegesis rather than standing on the shoulders of a tradition that Wright routinely criticizes.

The rest of this week will be taken up with proper blogging. I'm preaching at RUCU tomorrow night, and University of Surrey CU on thursday night, so they'll show up sometime. I've also been mulling over some thoughts on Galatians 1 and 2 Chronicles so they might show up eventually as well. If i type it, i have to do it!

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