Thursday, July 12, 2007

Brighton and Bulgaria


I was in Brighton on tuesday for the first day of Together on a Mission and Mobilise, the Newfrontiers Leaders' and Students' and Twentys conference, which is being live blogged here. I love Newfrontiers vision and passion for the local church, and, as it turned out this week, the not so local, as delegates gathered from 53 nations. Which was very exciting. I was sadly only there for the first two sessions, but it was still very much worth it. Steve Van Ryn took us through Exodus 32, looking at the lessons to be learnt from Moses and Aaron, which was very challenging, and then in session two Rob Rufus... well, he didn't preach, but kind of shared testimonies of the Spirits power from his own life, and exhorted us as to how important real, lived out, Sprit filled faith is, as opposed to mere intellectual assent of the facts. He then prayed for the Lead Elders of the churches. Now, nine times out of ten, i'd want a session like that to involve some exposition, which Tuesday's did not. I think this was the tenth time. The Holy Spirit was there in power and moving in people, in me, in ways He hasn't done really before, which was very exciting. I'd dearly love to have stayed longer in Brighton but sadly i can't because tomorrow i'm off to


For the second time, to help out at an evangelistic English camp for Bulgaria students. Now, i am looking forward to going, i love travelling, and i love the Gospel, i'm looking forward to getting on to the plane opening up a book and relaxing for a while. I'm all ready at the moment on a practical level, but i've not had a great time with the Lord this week, my eyes aren't really firmly fixed on Him, so some prayers in that direction would be much appreciated!


This morning i finished Isaiah. I think it's probably just sneaked in front of Exodus as my favourite Old Testament book. When i come back i'll try to write something worthwhile about what i've learnt from it, and why i love it so, but i want to leave with one thing that struck me recently: Isaiah 62:11, talks of Israel's salvation coming. It talks about salvation as a man, as a He. His reward is with Him and His recompense before Him. Salvation is a man, salvation comes through no other name except the name of Jesus. Salvation comes from Him, this man, who we could have met and talked to and touched if we'd lived two thousand miles away two thousand years ago. Salvation comes through Jesus, comes from Jesus, and comes from Jesus coming. What encouraging words, and what a great truth.


Little Mo said...

I guess I;m a 10 times out of 120 type of guy. ;) Hope Bulgaria is great!

Little Mo said...

10 times out of 10 is what I meant of course. Sigh.