Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Savior, teach me of the Cross

Do you ever get times where you just feel weary? When political issues feel like personal attacks, when relevant, insightful fair questions feel like bitter critisism, when it seems like all the earthly things that you trust in are letting you down, and when it seems like you are the cause of all your problems, and that just sucks?

This is when we need to look at Jesus for our only security. Our 'great high priest whose name is love' as the song goes, the author and perfector of our faith, who's felt it all. Man, i'm so thankful for the cross at times like this, when i'm weary. When i realise that Jesus is all that i'll ever have thats worth anything, all i'll ever have that i'll ever need. I need to be more cross centred, less Ed centred, less anything else centred really. To look, remember, and change. To grow, and to be a thief who ceases to steal.

Jesus, thank you for the cross, thank you that it is accoplished. Thank you for saving me.


Welshie said...

Thanks for that mate. Needed to read that! Yeah, God is so good. And that's SUCH an understatement...
Thanks for all you do and your passion for Jesus. Praise Him for that!

FloydTheBarber said...

Praise Him indeed man. It's ALL Him!