Saturday, October 29, 2005

Watching waiting comiserating

So why haven't i blogged for so long?
1) I am lazy
2) I have never been busier
3) I'm not sure i've really had much to say
4) Lack of internet access

I'm sure its a combination of all four really, hopefully broadband will arrive at my house soon and i'll be able to blog away at whim. My laziness will still hold me back though! Recently i got as far as sitting at a PC with the Bible open ready to ramble on about Mark 15:38, (which i still hope to do, its probably one of my favourite Bible verses) and just lost my will. Not good scenes.

Elsewhere in life Wycombe *galacticos* Wanderers remain unbeaten at the top of Football League Division Four. 15 games unbeaten now in the league now, which has broken all sorts of records
RUCU continues to grow, despite some problems midweek, we had a good meeting on Thursday. Rich Fairbarn concluding our four week Bible Overview (the next time someone complains about having been given too much to speak on, we'll tell them of the night that Phil Rout took us from Genesis 12 to Malachi in 45 minutes!). Its been excellent, and i thank Jesus for what He's doing in Reading. These are exciting times.

So, 7ish months left at uni. That is weird. Anyway, i'll probably be resuming normal service soon with the usual mixture of half baked Biblical stuff and inane ramblings...Laters

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